the sagebright story

…started in Bend, Oregon during the pandemic, a time of pause and interruption, when many were fortunate enough to reflect, reimagine, & revise their life’s adventure.

We are sisters and friends who joined the millions of pandemic-propelled entrepreneurs, teamed up to combine our talents, & took the leap into small business ownership.

As a result, we understand the unique perspectives and needs of our fellow founders in the small business community.

web design

Brenda is our web designer extraordinaire. Since 2017, she has wholeheartedly plunged into the study of web development, including certification from Team Treehouse for web design & front end web development. Brenda actively supports her Treehouse community through assisting students with troubleshooting & active projects. She loves to dive deep to find simple solutions to complex challenges.


Shannon is our copy & content pro. She has written everything from web copy to blog posts to email newsletters to many points-in-between. Two decades of legal research experience has provided her with a singular approach to problem-solving. She was also the writing center director for Lincoln HS in Portland, OR for a handful of years. Finally, a graduate degree in English rounds out Shannon’s love of language.



We want to bring modern, clean, and affordable solutions to our Central Oregon community and beyond.

Combining Brenda’s web design/development experience with Shannon’s background in copywriting & content writing, we want to help the small business community achieve their dreams with gorgeous web design and copy that converts.


We would love to hear from you!