Why Web Design & Copywriting Belong Together

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Peanut butter and chocolate, mac and cheese, the chimichurri and a brat from Bangers & Brews. Each are wonderfully fine on their own but together? Pow! Amplified excellence. Pairing polished web design and compelling copywriting for your site is the same.

Beautiful design with lackluster copy OR engaging copy living in a muddled design, you truly only have half a working website.

You want your customers to feel welcomed into your site, to easily navigate their way through it, to be hooked while they read about your business and then, ultimately, to choose you above all others.

How is this done? With web design that makes sense AND with copywriting that tells your small business story.

Let’s get into the nitty gritty about what stunning web design and captivating copywriting do for your site.

The art of web design to tell the story of your small business

website design shown on smartphone and laptop

We all have a story to tell and for small business owners, much of your personal journey through life led you to the creation of your business. Whether you want to share all, any, or none of those details with your customers, you can still teleport the idea, the feelings, the essence of your company via your website design.

How do you know what type of website design elements work and, sometimes just as important, what doesn’t work for your small business?

Let’s say you have a new coffee shop here in beautiful Bend, Oregon. Your web design is all about your business, of course, but also should fit within the coffee shop universe as well as within the Bend community.

Which color palette makes more sense – glittery reds and bright yellows OR rich creams and warm sepia tones?

What types of images do your customers expect – stock photos OR photos of your coffee drinks and baked goodies? Photos of a generic town OR pics of local landmarks, like Pilot Butte or the Three Sisters?

Which layout is better – a long-scroll layout with location and hours at the very bottom OR a single-column layout with a navigation menu at the top?

These are some essential things to consider when designing your website. But, deeper than the essentials, your website design, as a whole, should connect to your customers.

Well-designed websites do this with color, images and icons and videos, font style and size, and even the layout of text to white space and more. We’ll delve into each of these important elements in future posts but in regard to telling the story of your business, let’s think of it this way:

adult couple watching an entertaining program on a laptop
  • how we dress and style ourselves,
  • the entertainment we read, watch, and listen to,
  • how we speak (to ourselves and to each other),
  • how we walk through our lives and experience our day-to-day –

All of this is not only informed by our life’s past adventures but also aids in forming the story of our life.

Your website is the same because your site is not just about the specifics of your small business but also how your business belongs – within its industry & within your community.

  • the color palette communicates the style and character of your small business,
  • the images and icons and videos tell your customers what you’d like them to read, watch, and hear,
  • the font style and size speak to the reader in order to share the information you feel most vital
  • the layout walks your customers through your site so they can experience your business, fully –

These website design elements not only inform your customers about your business but also about you.

variety of website design layouts

Because really, when it comes down to it, your small business is you so your website should also be you.

And when it comes to sharing the story of you, the story of your business – the words on the page truly matter.

The art of copywriting to tell the story of your small business

man copywriting a blog post on wordpress

The words on your website, of course, describe your business to future customers but effective copy is a conversation that results in present-day and future customers. 

You want your customers not just to buy your products or services once but to keep coming back to you, time and time again, AND to tell their friends & colleagues all about you.

How does the copywriting on your website ensure repeat customers who love singing your praises?

First and foremost, you help them, not just sell to them – you have to solve your customer’s problem. Sounds simple, right? Your coffee shop solves the problem of people wanting coffee. Duh.

But, no, think about some of the questions people may have when they go to a coffee shop:

  • Is Wi-Fi available & will I be able to sit there awhile?
  • Are there any gluten free baked goods available?
  • What local goodies are available?

Now imagine your future customer is trying to decide between you & the myriad of coffee shops in town but they want free Wi-Fi and they’re craving an Ocean Roll but their friend needs gluten free options. If you’re the perfect coffee shop for this customer, your copy should tell them that.

This is how you stand out from your competitors – use copy to show your customers all the many ways you are best suited for their needs. Solve as many of their problems as possible.

problem solving metaphor with people and gears

Secondly, they should enjoy your copy. Now, of course, you’re not writing the Great American Novel but you also don’t want your copy to be dry and boring.

Let’s continue with our coffee shop scenario. Your website will, of course, list your location, hours, and, hopefully, a menu, at the bare minimum.

But imagine if your website tells your future customer more than your competitor’s websites. You source any items from local vendors? Have local art on the walls? Do you have local musicians come in once a week? What are the many ways your coffee shop is different from others?

Take all the many ways your small business is different from others and tell your customers with copy that engages and captivates and most importantly, persuades them that you are the absolute best choice.

Create a landscape with your copywriting.

Okay, how do we do this? Let’s look at two different types of copy:

  • Breakfast sandwich: bagel, eggs, cheese, microgreens
  • Sisters Sunrise Breakfast Bagel Sandwich: Bagel of your choice (gluten-free available) with farm fresh eggs prepared how you like with either Tillamook Sharp Cheddar or Tillamook Swiss cheese and microgreens from Gorilla Greens

breakfast bagel sandwich

Now which one sounds better? Which one tells your customer more about not just the sandwich but about your business and its standards? And who else is hungry?

Use copywriting to solve your customer’s problem and do so in a way that paints a picture that they’ll not only remember but one they want to buy.

The story of your business connects you to your customers

people viewing a gallery wall of portraits

And doing all of this, captivating web design AND engaging copywriting and doing it successfully, tells each and every customer about you, even if you don’t offer a single personal detail about your life.

And why do we care whether or not our customers know us?

Because when we know each other, we trust each other. And where there’s trust, there’s loyalty.

Loyal customers return to you time & time again AND tell their family & friends that your small business can be trusted.

You’re not just selling your products or services – you’re making connections with your community. And those of us fortunate enough to live in Bend or the Central Oregon community at large realize how vital & beneficial connections with our neighbors can be – not just for our businesses but also for ourselves.

Working with an agency that offers stunning web design AND dazzling copy gives you the precious time you need to devote to your small business.

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